The logo that flew in to view

The Keepers Cottage logo literally flew in to view one day over Hunley Moss. We had been thinking about a logo for the cottage for a few months. We knew we didn't want a cold, impersonal graphic symbol or a simple typographic monograph, we wanted something that came from either the cottage's long heritage or from its location.

The female Kestrel had been hunting the Moss for several weeks, we'd watched her battle wind, rain, crows and buzzards. She was always in the background somewhere, flitting from the tree tops when we startled her by accident or hanging over the Moss, intent on finding movement in the grass.

The decision to use her on the logo grew like many things around here, slowly and organically. It started with a blurred photograph and messing around creating an outline of her in Photoshop that went so well it was taken in to Illustrator and worked up.

Hope you like her. You can see her in her full glory on our website: www.keepers-cottage.co.uk